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         Programs include: Kids Yule Love, Seniors Yule Love, God Yule Love, Kids School Tools, Baskets of Joy and Santa letters.            

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    2016 Kids Yule Love Application Sign up Information

**Sign ups for 2016 are closed.

Bibb - October 1st
10am - 3pm
North Macon Park
Wimbush Rd, Macon

Houston - October 2nd
3pm - 6pm
WR Recreation Park
800 Watson Blvd, WR

Jones - October 1st
10am - 3pm
North Macon Park
Wimbush Rd, Macon

Macon - October 4th
5pm - 7:30pm
Boys & Girls Club
718 Vienna Rd

Schley - October 21st
2pm - 4:30
Schley Cty DFACS
45 W. Oglethorpe St

Sumter - October 6th
10am - 12:30pm
Boys & Girls Club
103 Hosanna Circle

Peach - Oct 1st - 22nd
Mon - Sat only
8am - 5pm
6711 Peach Pkwy, Byron

Dooly - Oct 27th
1pm - 3:30pm
Vienna City Hall
203 West Cotton Street



_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________                                                              2016 Kids Yule Love Community Service Requirements                   

     Welcome to the 31st year of Kids Yule Love. Since Christmas in 1986, we have been giving to families in  Middle Georgia thru Kids Yule Love  at Christmas, Santa Letters, Kids School Tools, Baskets of Joy, Seniors  Yule Love, the Smoke Detector program and most recently the God Yule  Love program.  As we approach our  31st anniversary, we look back with pride on the support that Kids Yule
 Love, along with all of our  sponsors,  volunteers, media  and loyal business partners, have given to many  Georgia communities
 where  we live and  in the community that has  given to you. So to qualify to receive help from Kids Yule Love 2016,  all applicants 
 must volunteer  to complete 4 hours of community service  in the county in which they reside.  If you are handicapped,  you must
 find a sponsor 18 yrs or older to complete your community service  requirement.  Details of organizations partnering with Kids Yule Love to ensure that our applicants meet the Community Service Requirement will be   given when you fill out your application.

Kids Yule Love is a non-profit organization founded in 1986 and our mission is to provide Christmas presents
and a message of hope to the less fortunate children
in the Middle Georgia area. We partner with businesses in the
 Georgia area  who
either want to become a sponsor or a Kids Yule Love drop point.

Kids Yule Love also serves people throughout the year with God Yule Love, Baskets of Joy at Easter, Kids School
Tools during the school year & the Smoke Detector Program.

We want to say thank you to the Middle Georgia Fire Departments who have always been an asset to
 Kids Yule Love. You may drop off toys, gifts or school tools
at any fire station in your area for Kids Yule
Love to  pick up and distribute.

We would also like to say thank you to all of our faithful sponsors, local businesses, the local Sheriff's Office and Police Departments.  Kids Yule Love,  Seniors Yule Love, Baskets of Joy and now God Yule Love is committed to
making a difference in the lives of children and seniors. Please help us so that we can continue to help others.

Kids School Tools Program 2016

Message from Macon County Director Ronald Simpson

Sumter County

We provided Sumter County Foster Kids with 25 back packs along with school supplies and 15 Braves Tickets.

Crawford County

Kids Yule Love Organization partnered with Crawford County Family Connection to host their Back to School Bash at
 Central Georgia Tech on the Roberta Campus. We provided 245 back packs along with supplies servicing over
 425 people. We would like to thank all the sponsors.

Dooly County

Kids Yule Love partnered with City of Vienna and the Vienna Police Department to host their Back to School
Bash in Vienna, Ga on July 30th. We provided school  supplies to  174 kids and would like to all the sponsors
who came out to help the kids in the community.  A special thanks to Jeri Williams and Pepsi. 

Middle Ga Counties

Kids Yule Love provided 260 Back Packs & school supplies at the Back to School Bash at Stone 
Edge Church in Macon, Ga. We serviced over 625 people from the following counties: Bibb, Crawford, Jones,
Monroe, Peach and Twiggs on July 23rd.

Macon County 

We also provided supplies for 50 kids at the Crape Myrtle Festival in Marshallville, Ga and want too
thank all the sponsors: Peach State Health Plan, Coca Cola, Plant Scherer, a Georgia Power Compay,
Central Georgia Technical College, Stone Edge Church, Wal-Mart and Monroe County AACE. A 
special thanks to Mrs Lisa Lee, KYL Staff and all the volunteers.

Kids Yule Love Organization partnered with Macon County School System to give away 545 Back Packs with 
school supplies at the Back to School Bash in Montezuma on July 30th. We would like to thank all the
sponsors that came out to support the local community. A special thanks to Tara Waters, Verneda Johnson,
KYL Staff and all of the volunteers.

                                                                                         Taylor County

                            Kids Yule Love partnered with Taylor County 4-H to host their 1st Annual Back to School Bash
                           in Butler, Ga on July 26th. It was a great success and the kids earned community/volunteer hours.
                              We provided 175 back packs to the children in the community. We would like to thank all of the
                             sponsors: Flint Energies, Dollar General, City of Reynolds, Amergroup, RealSolutions, Flint River
                      Communications and PSTEL.NET. A special thanks to KYL Staff, Mrs. Sherry Waller and all the volunteers.

                                                                                       Peach County

                         Kids Yule Love collaborated with the City of Fort Valley and other sponsors to host their Back to
                       School Bash in Fort Valley on August 6th. It was a great success. We would like thank all sponsors
                          and volunteers who came out to help 520 kids in the local community with school supplies.






Kids Yule Love Organization is elated to announce that Ta'Quandria Robinson is the second recipient of the Kids Yule Love Scholarship of Macon County. She is the daughter of Tamessia Robinson and the granddaughter of Mrs. Robbie Robinson. She will receive $500 toward her financial obligations to Fort Valley State University. Congratulations from Director Ronald Simpson and the Kids Yule Love Staff of Macon County on your future endeavors. The scholarship will be available for the Fall Semester of the 2016-2017 academic  year. We would also like thank the UPS Foundation for their sponsorship.

Kids Yule Love Organization is elated to announce that Jordan Edwards is the 1st recipient of the Kids Yule Love Scholarship of Peach County. He is son of Alfred Edward and  Shureka Latimore. He will receive $250
 toward his financial obligations to Fort Valley State University. Congratulations from Director
 Ronald Simpson and the Kids Yule Love Staff of Macon County on  your future endeavors.The scholarship will
  be available for the Fall Semester, 2016-2017  academic year. We would also like thank the UPS Foundation
 for their sponsorship and Chandra Dixon Thomas at Peach County High School.

       We are happy to announce that Jasper County  has joined the Kids Yule Love family this year. The Jasper County
 representative is happy to take back toys from Kids Yule Love and provide a joyous Christmas with toys for 394 children
 Also volunteering their time were representatives from Baldwin County, Macon County and
 State Representative Susan Holmes and her husband Paul.


Macon County's August Students of the Month receive gift certificates from Longhorn's. We are so proud of you all!
                            And we want to say a big thank you to Longhorn's Steakhouse for honoring our outstanding students.


Please see EVENT page for all upcoming Events which includes fundraisers and businesses 
  offering discounts & coupons for bringing in new unwrapped toys.


For all of your Christmas parties or picture sessions.
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North Pole - 478-474-0824
Sleigh - 478-714-6585

24 Georgia Counties served:

Baldwin * Bibb * Bleckley * Crawford  
Crisp * Dooly * Dougherty
 Henry * Houston * Jasper * Jones
Lamar * Lowndes * Macon *  Monroe
  Peach * Pike * Pulaski * Schley * Sumter
Taylor * Troup * Twiggs * Wilkinson 

**  Kids Yule Love is determined to be a 501(c)(3) organization by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service and the State of Georgia.

** Kids Yule Love is a member of the Better Business Bureau.



Email:                                  P.O. Box 2011                                             Phone:  478-741-3032
 Macon, Ga 31203

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